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A Few Words About Me

Hi, my name is Liz. I am 30 years old. I grew up in a little beach town in Southern Massachusetts. In high school I focused more on my studies and after-school job than playing sports or being active. I moved to Arizona when I graduated, originally planning to earn my degree in Psychology. My interest in nutrition led me to change my major to Dietetics. While I was in my undergrad program and working at a hospital, I started personal training as a hobby. I ended up loving it, and started CORE by Liz. I went on to study Obesity Prevention and Management in grad school and have now helped hundreds of women gain confidence in the gym, in the kitchen, and in their everyday lives.  I specialize in women's fitness, obesity prevention and management, and nutrition coaching. I now reside in Fort Lauderale, FL and do in-person, online, and hybrid training. 

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  1. Working out with Liz has made a tremendous change in not only my life but also in my dress size! Liz has shown me that I am really stronger than I thought I was mentally and physically! Liz has taught me how to work out according to my age and body type. She has also taught me to eat correctly and incorporate a more healthy diet into my busy lifestyle. Ever since Liz has started training me I have gone down 4 pants sizes! I couldn’t be happier!
    Nirusha C.
  2. One of the many reasons why I chose Liz to be my personal trainer is because when I first met with her we talked about my goals and what my concerns were. In our first session, she also did an assessment to see where I was with my physical activity to give her an idea on what needs to be worked on and she is honest and direct on how long it will take to get there. It has been a while since I had worked out with a personal trainer and since then I have developed a series of injuries that need to be taken care of but for now when I am working out Liz she makes it a point of avoiding those areas, she concentrates on other areas of my body that will benefit from the exercises as well. Overall, Liz is willing to work with me and my injuries, she is great at teaching techniques and also will correct my posture during the exercises. I do really enjoy working out with Liz, she is very patient with her clients, very friendly, professional and she is great at what she does. The time I have spent working out with her, I end up working up a sweat, which in my opinion reflects how well the exercise is working. It’s like the old saying, “No Pain, no gain”
    Cristina B
  3. "I've been effortlessly skinny throughout most of my life. I've eaten healthy and performed minimal physical activities, but always for fun and not for fitness (e.g., yoga, hiking, basketball). Three years into our relationship, my boyfriend playfully pointed out that I had put on "comfort weight" since we began dating. He thought it was cute. I was mortified. I wanted to take back my slim body, but with minimal experience exercising or dieting and relatively new to the vegetarian lifestyle, I didn't know where to begin. I wanted professional guidance on what exercises I should perform, and how to do them properly. I wanted to work with a nutritionist (and preferably one with first-hand experience as a vegetarian) to learn which plant-based proteins would fuel my workouts and help me build lean muscle. When I called up Liz, I made the decision to invest in myself. That was one of the best things I have ever done for myself!! Not only Liz extremely knowledgeable, but also fun, upbeat and incredibly supportive! She designed a customized 16-week workout program to meet my current fitness level, with regressions, progressions and helpful tips. Liz helped me create a personalized and responsive dietary plan and sent me healthy, new recipes throughout the program. Between the weekly sessions with Liz and my prescribed at-home workout program, I push myself to new limits each day. In 16 weeks, I have learned how to leverage my own body weight and use standard gym equipment--today, I can take fitness anywhere I go. I may not be as skinny as I was in my early 20's, but I feel stronger, healthier and prouder of the body I am working hard to create each day! Thanks Liz!! I'm looking forward to continuing to work with you! :)"